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Lake Charles, LA -

Vehicle Crimes Investigative Unit (VCIU)

The Vehicle Crimes Investigative Unit (VCIU) is composed of detectives whose primary mission is investigating all crimes involving any type of wheeled vehicles, (ex: cars, trucks, 4-wheelers, farm/commercial vehicles and equipment, trailers, etc.) These detectives are schooled in vehicle recognition, altered VIN's, chopped or torched reconstruction and more. The VCIU also oversee the "bait" car and other covert vehicle operations. The VCIU is a proactive unit that works closely with other investigative departments within the CPSO and outside agencies investigating and deterring these types of crimes.


Lt. Greg Kellogg, Case Manager - 491-3849
Sgt. Jake Cauvin, Supervisor VCIU - 431-1326
Detective David Doucett - 494-4583
Detective Dennis Miller - 491-7914