Corrections Division


Lake Charles, LA -

Frequently Asked Questions

Do offenders have to work while their in Jail?
Although it is encourged for those offenders that meet the criteria to work, the program is voluntary.

What is minimum, medium, and maximum security?
The Corrections Division uses an objective classification system to assess the amount of risk posed by an offender. This assessment includes criminal and institutional violence history, program needs, and supervision requirements. These levels dictate the degree to which an inmate's movements are restricted. Minimum indicates the lowest risk and the least restriction on movement. Medium is a step up in risk and restriction. Maximum is the highest risk classification and the greatest restriction.

What do offenders eat?
A balanced diet consisting of three full meals a day is offered to all offenders housed in the correctional facilities.  A licensed dietician is consulted through our contracted food services company to ensure a properly balanced diet is maintained.

Who provides medical care to the offender population?
The Health Services Department is responsible for the management of offender health care delivery systems and administration, as well as, providing leadership as the department begins more intensive health care planning and cost-containment efforts. The Health Services Administrator oversees clinical supervision for medical and dental care, mental health services, and chemical dependency.

Can I bring items to a family member or friend in jail?
Ordinarily no but exceptions may be considered depending on the situation (i.e. specialized medication or equipment.) All requests may be submitted to the facility Warden.

How do I leave money on an offenders account?
The lobbies of the Calcasieu Correctional Center, Calcasieu Sheriff’s Prison, and corrections section of the South Lake Charles Law Enforcement Center have had kiosks placed for use by the public. These lobby kiosks will accept credit cards or cash when family and friends wish to deposit funds into their loved one’s inmate account. Simply touch the screen and follow the directions. The deposit records onto the inmate’s account immediately.

There are two other ways funds can be deposited into an inmate’s account.

A) Using a credit/debit card, deposits can be done via the internet by going to This deposit is also immediate.

B) Using a credit/debit card, deposits can be done by toll free phone calls to 866-345-1884.

How do I communicate with someone in jail?
You may communicate by mail, out-going collect telephone calls, or scheduled visitation.

When communicating by mail, please address mail to:

(Inmate's name), P.O. Box 2017, Lake Charles, LA 70602

Mail is opened and scanned for contraband.  Photographs of a tasteful nature are accepted, however, Polaroid photographs are not.  An inmate is only allowed ten (10) photographs in his possession.

How much are the collect calls? Surcharge of $3.95, Additional Minutes .89

How long does it take to get a bond get set?
A bond is normally affixed to a charge within forty-eight hours from the time of arrest.

What is 72-hour court?
72-hour court or Right to Counsel Hearing is held primarily to determine whether or not an offender can afford counsel to represent them in court proceedings. If an offender cannot afford counsel then counsel will be appointed by the District Judge presiding over the hearing.