Lake Charles, LA -

There are over 150 Deputies assigned

The patrol unit is divided into four shifts:

A-shift-    Lt. Jason Bergeron
B-shift-    Lt. Nick Fontenot
C-shift-    Lt. Gerald Allen
D-shift-    Lt. Robert Manuel

Captain Craig Bean is the Executive Officer of the Patrol Division. He supervises the support element of the division and oversees all operations in the absence of the commander.

The enforcement division is responsible for basic law enforcement operations. They enforce the law, protect property and life, and keep peace within Calcasieu Parish.

Each patrol shift has trained traffic investigators. They investigate all traffic accidents on parish roads (including fatal accidents). They enforce the traffic laws on parish roads, state highways, and city streets. They have one hit and run investigator and five accident reconstruction investigators.

They also have three motorcycles that are used for traffic enforcement and escorts.

Each patrol shift has one K-9 unit that is trained in narcotics detection and tracking.