Lake Charles, LA -

Junior Deputy Program

The Junior Deputy Program is held throughout the parish for students ranging from ages 8 - 11. This program is scheduled annually at three different periods during the year. Each session in nine weeks in length and is held in various locations.

The program has been developed to provide general information as it pertains to law enforcement and other local government agencies. Several field trips are provided during the program and allow the participant the opportunity to get first hand information. One of the field trips involves a tour of our jail facilities, to see incarceration in an entirely different manner.

Two weeks of the class is devoted to the Hunters Education program and for each participant 10 (ten) years of age and over will receive a certificate for their hunting license.

Approximately 100 cadets attend each program.

Deputies go to each school to give the children information about the program. For more information, contact the Youth Division 491-3621. 

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