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Forensic Investigations

The careful and scientific examination of physical evidence is well recognized as a critical element in law enforcement efforts to conduct successful criminal investigations and prosecutions. The Forensic Investigation Unit was formed to bring a high level of expertise to the investigations conducted by the Sheriff's Office and all other agencies in need of assistance.

The FIU is responsible for the documentation of major crime scenes including, but not limited to, homicides, suicides, sexual batteries, armed robberies, shootings, and suspicious deaths. Using the latest technology in different fields such as video and still photography the unit records details of a scene for future investigation, analysis and preparation for court review. The members of the unit are continuously researching new technology. The unit works hand in hand with investigators throughout the case from initial arrival at the scene to the courtroom.

The members of the Forensic Investigation Unit are required to attend hundreds of hours of training in every aspect the field. The members also oversee the procedures and training of the Patrol ID officers, which conduct the day-to-day crime scene and evidence recovery operations of the patrol shifts.

The members of the unit also work very closely with the Calcasieu Parish Coroner's Office and are currently working toward a Crime Scene Education Program in conjunction with area law enforcement agencies and the Coroner's Office.